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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Basic Media:(And Why They're Needed)

     I thought I'd touch a little on some computer philosophy.  This stuff is just the realm of computing wisdom, which, unfortunately, is almost never followed.  Economics drives computer usage, not intelligence.
     So, today's philosophical discussion revolves around the topic of hard-copy media, things like books, VHS, Cassettes, CDs, and DVDs.  These media are the foundation of the digital age, and there is an important reason they remain so.  Permanence.  Most of the modern conventions of simply downloading a video or song, or even a book, lack the permanent nature of basic media.  Sure, with all the advanced formats you can have all sorts of interaction, and you can manipulate the information how you choose, but that is one of the very reasons these mediums aren't useful for storage.
      We store information because we do not want it to change, because we need something to refer back to, to be able to remember our past.  So, things like books, CDs and DVDs need to be kept, and I'm not talking about burnt discs either, they degrade over time.  Actually cast CDs and DVD's will last a lot longer.  You should always have a lasting hard copy of your stuff.