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Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day!!

     Happy celebration of love today.  And many more I hope.
     So, today's post is kind of split in two, mainly because I don't have the ability to type out two post, as I have burned the tips of my fingers, which makes typing a bother.
     On that note, lets get too it.  My first section is on how I wish they would get on with things like augmented reality already.  I'm sick and tired of looking over at things sitting on a hot stove, wondering if they are an acceptable temperature to grab, then finding out far too late they are not.  It would be awesome to just have a pair of glasses that when I was going to grab something that was hot it would throw up a warning and a visual representation of just how hot the item in question is.  This would make my life less painful, so come on hardware engineers, get to it.
     The second part of this post is how inconvenient the computer world seems to be getting.  We have all of this in-fighting over petty differences in the computing world.  We have companies like Apple and Microsoft at each other's throats, and patent trolls around every corner trying to get a piece of the pie.  Every where you turn a new idea is being fizzled out because someone else thought of it, and just didn't think anything more of it than to get the trademark.  Some many ideas we have in the world today could be combined together to make truly remarkable inventions, but they can't, because we can't get along. 
     One invention that I have thought up would combine the robotics of the Honda Asimo robot, and the prosthetic arm technology being developed by the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago.  Both of these devices were designed to help people who lack mobility or who cannot help themselves.  Both are robotics.  So imagine this, combine the two elements, the prosthetic arm that can feel and move, and the smart legs of a robot that balance itself and even run.  Combine the two and you could come up with a prosthetic leg that felt pressure, and intelligently adjust and re-align itself.  Can you imagine that?  Foot and leg amputees could have the opportunity to walk again with something close to normalcy.
     The technology to do it is right here, years old in fact, but I doubt we'll see it in our lifetimes.  And why?  Because of the greed that keeps people fighting.  We need to get over this, and quit insisting on who gets the money and who gets the fame.  We need to just invent for the betterment of mankind. (I do realize this rant is a pipe dream, but I've always been a dreamer.)