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Monday, February 21, 2011

Another Media Converter

     So, I'm typing tonight about another media converter, but out of the hordes of media conversion utilities out there on the net, this one I think warrants a closer look.  Its called Hamster.  That's right, I said Hamster, and it even comes with a logo to match.
     But just because Hamster has a cute and cuddly mascot(actually, this depends on personal taste), doesn't automatically make it an awesome media converter.  Its awesome because of its ease of use.  With Hamster all you do is pick out your video from whatever folder its in on your computer, decide what device or video type you need it in, then press the convert button.  Each section has their own tab, so you use the add file tab to add your videos, the edit tab to select your device, and the convert tab to convert.  Quick, simple, easy, done.
     And that is the whole of this post, because there is nothing more to really say, it really is that quick and simple.
     (Psst!  Go to to download.)