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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Combination PU's

     I've been reading a lot about combination cpu/gpus lately.  Everyone seems to be talking up this technology as the end of discrete graphics cards.  Enthusiast computer users scoff at this assumption, because nothing could trump a discrete card.  Personally, I think both schools of thought are erroneous.  I think that computational power is computational power.  A combined cpu/gpu chip, coupled with a discrete graphics processor could potentially yield amazing results.
     Can you imagine?  You purchase the highest end combination processing unit, and couple it with the highest end matching graphics chipset, and you could have graphics processing of the highest order.  You could potentially double your graphics output.  Plus, if the software was designed properly, double task the graphics processing.  All around, I see this combination as a great leap forward in computing.  I look forward to seeing what will come from these new developments in technology.