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Friday, February 4, 2011

Blog Spammers, And How I Despise Them

     So, in my attempts at staying relevant to the tech industry, and keep my readers informed, I was reading about the accusation from Google that Bing is just straight ripping their search results, (which is probably true of both of them).  That isn't the topic of this post, though.
     What is the topic is spammers.  As I read through the comments, I found the usual spam that had been flagged for deletion, but I've been noticing lately a new type of spam, and this article was filled with it.  I'm talking about the people commenting on tech blogs and forums that are obviously hired by the company the article is about.  They are hired to argue or make the point that whatever the business is, they are absolutely right.
     I'm sure you've seen them.  The trolls who get on and post about how Microsoft, or Mac, are the omnipotent, omnipresent being we should all worship.  The worst one I saw today was a guy posting about how Bing doesn't copy search results, its just superior data collecting that lets Google and Bing have the same top search result.  His login name is IE9, a Microsoft beta project that hasn't even been released yet.  Can anyone say shameless promotional plug?
     And on the game informer forums, only two hours after the midnight release of the Kinect, there were four posts, all dated minutes after each other, that all talked about how the Kinect was the end all of gaming, how they had been using if for weeks, and how they were getting rid of all of their other game systems because they now owned a Kinect.  They honestly didn't even have time to fully try out the device, let alone sit down and type out such length blog comments stuffed with praise.
     I'm offended by this practice, and unless it is in response to a question posted by one our employees to genuinely answer a question about something, Digital Fruit will never sanction shameless promotional blog comment crap.