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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Electronic Filing

     In the efforts of reducing waste, I'm trying to file all of my taxes electronically this year.  But I'm stuck with a problem.  To sign up for a business to electronically file in the state of Washington, you have to have already filed a tax return under the name of the business.  To me, this seems kind of counter-intuitive.
     But for personal taxes, you can just go to Turbo Tax's website and they'll have it done for you in no time.
     So lets recap.  I'm complaining here because a business, which really will only be paying money in, has to take the long route and file by paper and pay the extra money to have it processed by someone else or spend the hours figuring it out, but the individual, who will probably be part of the fifty percent of Americans that will not pay any taxes at all this year, gets to use the easy filing system.  I think theres something wrong with this.