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Monday, July 5, 2010

Working the Gossip Grindstone

     Well, anyone with an AT&T smart phone in Aberdeen may soon be in luck.  Trucks with equipment designed for finding the best place to set up a cellphone tower have been seen driving around Aberdeen.  There have been four seen in the last week alone.  My source has told me that they are looking to set up 3G service in Aberdeen.
     This brings a couple of benefits not necessarily obvious to everyone.  First is the ability to own and use a 3G capable iPad or iPhone, something we've been lacking in the local area.  This is good because it not only allows local people to use their iPhones with 3G, but also AT&T customers from out of the area will have it too, making their experience in Aberdeen better.  The more Aberdeen stands out as a positive place, the better things will go for Aberdeen.
     The other unseen benefit is the ability for AT&T customers, whatever their phone, can purchase and set up a plan for a microcell.  Also called femtocells, these devices extend from your usual internet service 1500ft of cellphone service for up to four different devices.  This helps to improve coverage area and stability of the network as a whole, and it makes sure that just about anyone's whole house will be guaranteed coverage.
      So, that's all I've got from the rumor mill for today, till next time.