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Friday, July 2, 2010

Digital Fruit Website

     Well, I have to say I'm impressed.  After a lot of work, and some real frustration, the Digital Fruit website is coming together nicely and is starting to show some real promise.  The design and color combinations are clean and simple, and I think it is pleasing to the eye, not overly cluttered (which I was afraid of because I'm guilty of that from time-to-time).  I'm thinking that with a little more time, the application of some javascript and PHP, this site will be right up there with some of the bigger pages.
     And yes, I am indulging in a little bit of narcissism here, but its late and I've put a lot of work into this page, so I guess I feel justified.  If you'd like to see for yourself, head on over to and tell me what you think, positive or negative, I'll take it either way.