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Monday, July 5, 2010

Happy Fifth of July!

     Happy fifth of July everyone.  Seeing as I'm a family oriented man, I'm late getting to a fourth of July post because I was out watching fireworks with my wife.  So instead, you get a fifth of July posting.
     In the spirit of independence and innovation I have been slaving for days over technical manuals re-learning everything I know about web design, in an effort to build a project I hope will help Digital Fruit grow to help other businesses with their unique problems of on-location and in-store work.
     I guess, to clarify, I've been building a system where I can enter in the elements of a customers order, like their contact information and their computer type, along with other relevant information into a web form, which will be securely transmitted back to the business computer, via the web-server, and save and print itself right there at my office, ready to be filed.  I'm also going to add elements to that so receipts can be printed on-site for the customer, so myself and future techs will have less to worry about carrying around.
     I also hope that this will keep us more organized, because it will help to centralize the paper work required to run a business.  And this is how I hope to help other businesses.  With the model I'm planning to build, this application will be able to be easily modified and redeployed to a customers needs, so that it can be used in millions of different business situations, and at a much lower cost than most other commercial alternatives.
     So, I'm hoping to get this system up and running very soon and to have a prototype ready for redeployment by the end of summer, and if not then, the end of the year.  So, wish us luck, and we'll see you on the flip side.