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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Kin Dies, Xbox Next?

     So, with the death of the Pink project, and Microsoft's new Kin mobile phone, the world seems a little less Microsoft, or at least a little less under their control.  And what with the "re-organization" of the entertainment department within Microsoft, its starting to make this blogger wonder what is really going on in the land of home entertainment from old MS.
     So, with all of this stirring and controversy, I get the feeling something is going to happen to the precious Xbox system that Microsoft has clung to for so long.  Its been reported since the first Xbox system came out that it wasn't making the company money, but it really caught on here in the states(international sales were something of a different matter).
     But I'm not sure what Microsoft is doing.  Are they pulling the plug on the Xbox project to pool their financial resources against a greater foe, say Apple or Google?  Or are they cutting the other areas in a hope to re-address the Xbox and focus on something that the public seems to want out of the entertainment department?  Either plan would seem to benefit the company, and they certainly can afford to keep at the fight with the Xbox.  I'm looking forward to seeing how this develops, either way it plays out.