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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Trouble With iPhones

     Being someone who really does enjoy his service from AT&T, and is pleased with the functionality of his simple Sony Ericsson W518a,  I have noticed something of a saddening trend:  how many people have switched over to AT&T over iPhone envy.
     Now, if you really do like your iPhone, this article is not for you.  But for those of you that made the change in carrier just because you had to keep up with the Joneses, I would like to speak with you for just a moment.
     Why?  Why do people switch over to a new carrier just to get a phone they may or may not like?  Why do some people have to make a big deal over their purchase of something as simple as a phone (and yes, I do realize that the iphone is in no way simple, but it is still just a phone)?
     Its because we desire things that seem exclusive.  Heck, just look at Apple itself, they've made an empire out of being elusive and elite.  And people continue to eat it up.  It isn't because Mac are better, or because they're more functional, but because they are shiny.  Every thing about them is sleek and stylish, and people buy into that.
     Which brings me to the conclusion of this discussion.  Having looked at the numbers of Digital Fruit's annual cell phone survey, I've noticed a shift, slowly creeping away from the local Verizon population to other cell phone services.  The largest of which has been to AT&T.  Almost all of those new phones and plans are the iPhones people have been buying.  Can one phone really bring that many people?  It can if its shiny.