Performancing Metrics

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


     I've been tinkering with my soldering iron today.  I walk all the way down to Dennis company and purchased some wire, then got back to Sears and found an in-expensive set of wire stripper/cutters to help along my work with the solar cells.  I'm think I'm starting to get a handle on this whole transmitting electricity thing, but I have to see it in action to make sure I'm right.  So I pulled out the solar cells and started soldering them together.  I'm afraid I may have damaged one, but such is the price for expansion of knowledge, sometimes you have to make mistakes.  If I'm right though, I should be able to fix it, if I haven't already.
     I'm still holding out hope though that I'll be able to do this.  If I can just figure out how to gather and transmit power, that's one step closer.
     Also, my wife suggested that I put Epic on hold for a while, until I have learned all the things that I need to know about how to design this game.  She suggested that until that point, I should work on other, smaller projects until I had mastered all the things that I need to know.  This discussion came as kind of a relief, because I've been worrying over this.  I feel like I can get more done now, because I can work on other things and get them done, but still work on the other project.