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Friday, November 25, 2011

Vision for the Digital Age

While sitting at my parent's place this Thanksgiving, I was talking to my brother about how we are both disappointed in different ways about the way digital technology is going, and the causes involved.  We both came to a general conclusion of what we thought would fix the issue, and strangely, our conclusions were almost identical.

We both have a vision of a world device-agnostic, where whatever system you were working on, whatever way things worked, it was more modular and less proprietary.  You want to use a specific piece of hardware? Thats okay, we're sure it will work, because everything is interchangeable.  Even better, software is, too.  If you have it, it will run on that system.  Whatever system that may be.

Now, this kind of world is still a long ways off, and might always be.  But as my brother and I kept talking, I realized that Digital Fruit is already starting to do its part.  I have always been committed to bringing the content Digital Fruit designs to as many people as possible, which means providing it on systems that agnostic.  And I will continue to be committed to this goal.  I want all of our video to run on your computer, no matter what.  All of our video games, too.