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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Micro Blogging Spam

So, would you like me to twitter you?  Sounds dirty doesn't it?  And that is apparently what a new wave of twitter accounts are hoping for.  I'm sure the problem has always existed on Twitter, but I've noticed a vast increase in the number of annoying, porn-related accounts that keep following the Digital Fruit Twitter account.  Its really kind of sad.

And unfortunately, this kind of thing is usually a sign of the death of a service like this.  When things like porn become an overwhelming dog pile on a service like Twitter, it shows the vast number of people using the service, yes, but it also sends those users fleeing in the thousands.  Most decent people don't want to be flooded by porn adds or explicit invitations on a daily basis, and will quit using a service if this is what happens.

Now Digital Fruit has no desire to leave Twitter, I find it a good way to pulse the general flood of information floating around the web, but I can't see the average consumer putting up with this crap.  I'd like to petition the nice people at Twitter to put up their best effort in stopping this kind of garbage from overwhelming users.

I would like to say that this article is written based on just my personal experience with Twitter, as there are very few people in my local area that actually use the service.  If I'm an isolate incident in this community, I'd like to then make it know that I'm having this problem with Twitter.  Does anyone have suggestions for improvement?