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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Um, This is Starting to Suck

I'm really getting sick of this.  I've been using Ubuntu solidly for almost two years now, and the last few months have really stunk.  With the release of Ubuntu 11.10, I was forced over to using the Unity interface, and it sucks.  I find little to like about this, and the number of bugs keeps piling up.  I can understand Cannonical's drive to stay competitive in the tablet marketplace, but make a freaking tablet version then, don't piss off your core user base by making them use something nobody wants.

I'm putting out a call for anyone who cares to read this and has the interest, lets make a push to take back our desktop.  There needs to be another option, one that is as good as Gnome 2 was.  Lets make Cannonical see that they have made a mistake, and they need to correct that.  Leave comments here, send me e-mails with your ideas, and write about your displeasure to Cannonical, and tell them something has to be done.  We don't want them ruining something it has taken the Linux community a long time to create, a truly unified distribution.  (And no, the irony that the program now fragmenting that unified system is called Unity.)

Until next time, catch you on the flip-side.