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Monday, November 28, 2011

Linux Sucking Bad

So, as I've been bemoaning the current crisis in Ubuntu-land (mainly Unity), I decided to hop on over to another "high-quality" linux distribution, and see how things were going.  Oh how disappointed I was.  Meego has died.  And while I had my back turned, too.

Now, I was a little upset with the death of Moblin, because Moblin was cool, slick looking, and worked well on the hardware it worked on.  But then I played around with Meego for a while and found it to be a decent, if slightly unwanted, replacement to Moblin (I had plans to use Moblin as a more user-friendly OS to sell on computers for people who just want to use a computer, not fight with it).

Now, Meego has been replaced with another system, Tizen, and you can't even get a hold of it as an operating system.  So, instead of another stable option to Ubuntu and Fedora-core, we are once again left with only two stable users, and only one is really competing in the consumer space.  I'm starting to get why some people ditch Linux and go back to Windows and Mac.