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Monday, June 14, 2010

Unregistered Bug with Microsoft Security Essentials

      Any of you out there in internet land suffering from audio card problems after installing Microsoft© Security Essentials?  Well, Digital Fruit may have found the cause.
     If you are running Windows XP, and have a Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi sound card, there seems to be a problem with Microsoft© Security Essentials re-writing XP system files to Vista/7 versions.  This stems from the development cycle that Essentials took.  Rather than developing it with XP in mind first, then porting to Vista and 7,  Microsoft developed for Vista and 7 first.  This created dependencies with Essentials that relied on Vista code that XP doesn't have.  The X-Fi driver then tries to access the original XP file, now replaced with one from Vista, and the sound card doesn't know where the code it needs is stored, hence the errors.
     Now that we have an explanation, lets get to the diagnosis; an error containing the text "point_except_handler4_common could not be located" should pop up first.  Once you press the okay button, a new error box with a reference to P17RunE.dll should pop up.  In the worst case scenario, your computer will just bsod with an stop message to sysaudio.dll.
     And now the fix!  You'll need to have a registry search program that can find entries in the windows registry and access them(or at least point you to where they are).  You search for any registry entries containing P17RunE.dll, and delete them from the registry.  With any luck, this should fix the problem and not completely destroy your computer.  (WARNING!  As with any time you make a change to the registry, back up your registry first and keep a boot disc with registry repair options on hand.)  After this, you'll need to re-install the Sound Blaster Drivers from the CD(This step may need to be done first on systems that are getting the BSOD).
     So, I hope this helps anybody out there that has been having problems with a new installation of Microsoft© Security Essentials.  As of the time I've posted this, I haven't been able to find an article online covering a fix for this specific problem, but there are several how-tos about how to fix similar problems with Sound Blaster X-Fi cards.