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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Launch At Last (Well, Sort of)

     Well, I've learned a valuable business lesson, don't get your hopes to high.  I really had planned to have the whole Digital Fruit site up and running when I announced that it was officially on-line, but I'm going to have to settle for just the joy of telling everyone that something is up and running on the web.  So, for now, I'm letting everyone know that good things are coming to those who wait, and I'm really hoping to dazzle everyone.
     One of the things that I have in store is streaming video.  Something akin to, but not quite so amazing and all encompassing.  What I hope to make out of this Digital Fruit TV is a place to showcase all of the animated work I hope to complete, both with computer graphics, and with traditional ink and pen.  I also hope to make this part of the site a place where budding new filmographers will be able to post their work to showcase to the community, so expect a local section in the future(I still have to figure out the logistics of how to work such a service).  I will say, though, that this will not be something like YouTube.  Any work submitted will be viewed by a committee assigned by Digital Fruit and evaluated for content and quality.  This section is to showcase the best of local talent.  It is not to be a garbage dump for all of the goofy things people like to do with(or without) their friends.
    And the last bit that I'm hoping to showcase, though it seems a long way off still, is the video game my wife and I have been working on for some time.  Things with that are developing, but not at a pace that I'm happy with, so this will probably be addressed in late blog posts, and I'll get some reader feed back about what to do about this problem.
     That's about all that I have to say for tonight, and I hope you readers will log back in soon to get the rest of the scoop about the Digital Fruit website and how things are progressing with it.