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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Thought on Safe Browsing

     I just had a thought about safe browsing habits, and something that might help keep things a little less crap filled these days.  What if there were law requiring anything of adult nature to be transmitted over a dedicated "adult content" port, something like HTTPS, and that any site not found to be in compliance with this would be shut down.
     This would allow for firewall applications to be able to block specifically adult content, which in turn may be able to stem some of the flood of spam and crapware that are flooding the net.  Also, it would help to keep things like child pornography down to a minimum, because any registered porn site would be transmitting it over the designated port, making it easier to track down information being sent down the incorrect port,  which would help to massively scaled down the work of law enforcement in trying to track these things.
     Also, it wouldn't require much change to initiate, just some fine tuning of servers, and it would be done, voila!
     I realize this musing is somewhat naive and possibly impossible, but it makes me wonder.
     I would like to hear my customers' and friends' feedback on this idea, so feel free to comment.