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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Safty is a Priority

     Just thought I would drop a note in here about how safety is a priority within Digital Fruit.  Not just safety in terms of human life and well being, but the safety of the information and equipment of customers and staff as well (the staff being something of a goal for the future, seeing as we have no other staff than my wife and I).  So today I made a purchase that was something sudden but not rash.  I picked up some 120VAC varistors.
     How this ties into safety is simple.  As Digital Fruit moves more into the realm of power production, securities are going to need to be made about how to control and manipulate the power we generate.  Varistors will help to prevent spikes in the electrical systems by leveling them out and redistributing the energy a spike would waste.  This will help us to be more energy efficient and to keep things safe, as fewer spikes mean less damage to people, property, and data.