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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

2010 Numbers Are In

     After much work and anticipation, the Digital Fruit 2010 Cell Phone Survey has been completed.  I'll list the results here (the results are out of 324 active cellphone units):
  1. Verizon with 186 units, taking 57.4% of the total market share in Gray's Harbor.
  2. AT&T with 53 units, taking 16.4%.
  3. Sprint/Nextel with 32 units, taking 9.9%.
  4. TMobil with 27 units, taking 8.3%.
  5. US Cellular with 14 units, taking 4.3%.
  6. Virgin Mobile with 5 units, taking 1.5%.
  7. TracFone with 3 units, taking .9%
  8. Newcomer Consumer Cell with 2 units, taking .6%.
  9. Boost mobile with 1 unit, taking .3%.  Tying with...
  10. Newcomer Straight Talk. 1 unit, .3%.
     And that is the truth of it.  This being the third year that this information has been compiled, we here at digital fruit have noticed a 10% slide away from Verizon, and it leads this blogger to wonder, where did they all go?  When ten percent of the total market share slips away from a single company, you have to wonder why and where it went.  I plan to investigate into this matter with some interview and questions about what the cell phone market in Aberdeen looks like.  So if any of you run into me on the street, be ware! I might just be coming to question you...

6/23/2010 P.S.  If anyone would like to view numbers from before Digital Fruit was officially founded, I do have those on record.  If you would like to view them, send your request in an e-mail to