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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Netflix Dive

Wow, I never really expected people to complain so much about a five dollar change in their bill.  But then again, when your bill was only $9.99 a month, a five dollar increase is pretty significant.  As Digital Fruit has plans to set up a streaming service for our digital video content, we're watching this situation closely.  And honestly, its looking pretty gnarly.

The massive amount of customer backlash at Netflix over changing their pricing plan has made a huge amount of noise all over the web.  I mean, I got links to two different articles on the topic in my inbox for Digital Fruit, and another two separate articles in my personal e-mail inbox, all within a couple of hours today.  I see more clearly than ever now people are very serious about their entertainment media.

Though it seems very laughable now because of our lack of content, Digital Fruit will, for the foreseeable future, keep our video content streaming for free from our servers, paid for by advertising dollars, not subscription fees.  You can count on it.

So, any of our readers subscribers to Netflix?  How has this turn of events treated you?  Are you fine with a five dollar increase, or will you be finding a new method to get your media?  Let me know in the comments section.