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Monday, July 25, 2011

Google Getting into the Anti-Malware Game

I was just checking out my twitter feed today and found a tweet from Google on how they're helping out in fight against malware.  And honestly, I think its brilliant.

Here is the link to their blog post on the subject.  Reading through the article, I find the concept amazingly simple.  Google has found the proxy servers that host several of the Fake AV virus' out their and alerts a person when their computer is sending data to Google through those proxies.  The alert only appears in Google's search results, so even seeing it at all tips you off that your computer is infected, making the act of faking the alert to get people to install something worse almost pointless(I stress the almost because if some one is gullible enough, any fake alert is worth it to virus hosts).  A very simple way to help people purge their computers of virus'.