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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Finally, Google+

So, I've been searching up and down all weekend to get one of those elusive Google+ invites, but to no avail.  And, just when I was beginning to despair, I get an invite from my brother.

And with a thank you to him for that, I was able to play around on Google+ for most of the afternoon, and I'm kind of sad to say that I only used Facebook for a couple of months before switching to something new.  Honestly, it only took me a few minutes of use before I was ready to shout for joy and say "thank you! something that makes sense!"

With my case, this whole Google+ thing will amazingly useful as a business owner.  Using adsense and analytics, along with adwords and webmaster tools, I can see integration of these along with my social network becoming something I use regularly, and not just something I feel obligated to update every once in a while.

Also, the circles method of contact management is awesome.  I've gotten a lot of trash talk from my wife about all of the people I've friended on Facebook, and how can I possibly be friends with all of these people?  Well, now I can put business associates, friends, family, fans and acquaintances all in their own tidy little place, so next time my wife sees how small my circle of friends is, she won't have anything to say except, "You need to meet people."