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Monday, April 11, 2011

Game Developers Needed

     So, I'm putting this out here in the hopes of maybe finding enthusiastic people willing to work on something without threat of pay.  Digital Fruit needs involvement on some of its video games, but with no really development budget at the moment, those involved would do so of their own free will, with out the hope of pay, or at least anything decently resembling pay.  I'm offering this project because it will provide anyone interested the opportunity to put down something on their resume.
     We're offering this to anyone willing to collaborate on the project, artists, programmers, game designers, marketers, anyone looking to pad their career in game development.  If you find yourself interested, email me at to let me know and I'll get you the list of game projects that are currently in development.  Anyone willing to help is welcome, you don't really need any experience, just a desire to work and the will to listen.
     If you would like to help but have no knowledge of the discipline you prefer, we do have a list of materials and tutorials for study, and can happily answer any questions you have in the learning process.