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Monday, April 18, 2011

Considering Options for R&D

     So, I'm sitting here tonight and pondering over the best way to fund Digital Fruit's R&D department.  Much of what we do here at Digital Fruit is greatly enhanced by the research we conduct, currently on people's free time.  But the best research gets done when people have time to devote to it and an incentive to work.
     Which poses a problem, because there is currently no room in Digital Fruit's budget for R&D.  Heck, were still working on getting our advertising budget up to snuff.  So, I'm contemplating setting up a Paypal donations button on the website, our Facebook, and possibly here on the blog.  But personally, I'm not too up to date on the ramifications of asking for donations for a part of a business thats for profit.  So, I'm asking out to the great ether of the internet.  What do you reader's think?  Leave comments and help Digital Fruit out with its dilemma, and help us provide a better computing world for all.