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Monday, September 13, 2010

Eureka! I've Got It!

     Nightmare Before Christmas quote aside (I've been listening to the soundtrack way too much lately), I really have got it.  I've been having problems using Blender's built in distributed rendering to work in Windows, and I hadn't even tried messing with it in Ubuntu,  when I had a strike of brilliance!  The error message I was getting led me to think that my problem was in using a natively Linux program in a Windows environment.
     When Blender would load, it would tell me it couldn't open the file at such and such location, giving me a huge string of text that wasn't anywhere near what the proper file path was.  So, I went in, mapped the folder to a network drive on the other computers that I was using, and tried opening again.  This time the file opened without a hitch.
     Then I simple directed Blender to this new network drive for the location of the render, and voile, simple render farm.
     I know this post seems rather cryptic, but anyone who has tried to use Blender's built in render farm has probably spent time pulling their hair out because of it.  I hope this helps any young, aspiring Blender artists to achieve their dreams.
     Till next time, catch you on the flip side.