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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Checking In

     So, just checking in and making sure I keep all you fans out there updated to the goings on of Digital Fruit.  I'm in over my head, but here's the news.
     First, the Eeble cartoon is coming along fine.  I haven't had much time to do more animation, but character development and scene setup have progressed smoothly.
     Second, Epic, though still behind schedule, is moving along.  I'm getting help now with composing the score, and with story development.  We're working to polish it up and make it really shine.
     Thirdly, the tech side of things has been booming, with calls coming in daily.  This probably contributes to the delays in the other projects, but that's okay, its money now to fund projects later.  Some nasty bug cropping up on this end though, so watch your online habits carefully.
     Fourth, my learning of the 3D suite Blender is coming along nicely, and I'm finding that once I've found some research material, the learning curve isn't as steep as I originally thought.  I'm going to try and enter into some CG competitions here soon, and maybe Digital Fruit will get some kudos.
     Finally, web site development of is kind of at a standstill.  All the studying I've done in Javascript has been hampered by the fact that I can't get any of my own code to work on a website.  I'm going to have to redouble my efforts and start from the basics again, going over everything until the problems with my designs become apparent.
     So, that's all for now, I'll write again with another update.