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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Did You Forget Chrome OS?

I remember last year how big a deal everyone and everything seemed to be making over Chrome OS.  They were talking about how it would revolutionize the way we compute, and that we would all love and embrace it immediately.  Now I know that hindsight is twenty-twenty, but this is just laughable.

I thought the whole idea was terrible from the start.  An OS that can't do anything unless you're online?  There are so many things that can go horribly wrong with that idea.  And yes, I am aware that there are off-line options for some Chrome OS apps.

But the thing that made me laugh the most on this most forgotten "world changing OS" is that there were plenty of people that were saying Android(and here, and here) was only a temporary stop for Google, and they were only using it to get people over to Chrome OS.  Yeah, that worked out well.

With the user base of Android sitting nice and pretty, and the user base for Chrome OS nonexistent, I'm pretty sure that Chrome OS was a failed revolution.  Honestly, I've heard no news on this system in almost six months.