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Friday, December 23, 2011

Ah, USB Experiments

So, I being the geek I am, picked up a USB experiment interface, and have been enjoying the process of putting it together.  Its one of those kits you pick up at Radio Shack, and put together on your own.  A very high tech hobby kit, like the old computers used to be.

Anyways, I've finished assembling the thing, and I got to try it out on my computer the other day.  It works wonderfully.  Every part of the card works exactly as it should, so I know I at least have decent skills when it comes to soldering parts together.

But now comes the really fun part.  Now that I'm done with test the card with demo programs provided with its SDK, I get to write my own software to utilize this thing and its inputs and outputs.  A whole world of possibilities awaits, all at my disposal.  Guess I better get busy then.