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Thursday, September 22, 2011


Just recently, we've gotten our first attempts at spam here on the blog.  People have left one line comments saying things like "Great job!" then just posting the name on the blogpost and then their website address.  Honestly, this is both funny and annoying.

Its funny because they think that it will get their website traffic on Google and Bing, when in all actuality, it gets them traffic for phrases like 'Great job', which are so general as to do nothing for your webpage.  (The phrase actually generates hits for a sketch comedy show by Tim and Eric.)  So I laugh because they are putting in all of this work for nothing.  No one will find their site.

Its annoying because as a moderator for a blog, I have to go through the comments posted on this blog, and check to make sure they aren't from legitimate viewers who really just want to thank us.  (I know that sounds lame, but you don't want to offend someone actually reading your blog by deleting their comments, no matter what those comments are.)  I don't like having to spend any extra time reading through worthless comments meant to help someone else's website rise to the top.  I'm seriously considering creating a black list of blog spammers so that my fellow bloggers can quickly search the list and find out if the comment is from a known spammer.

With such a list, spammers would have to personally apply for removal, and would only be given so many chances for re-admittance to the blogging community before they would be permanently blacklisted.  It sounds like a great idea to me.

So, if you, as a blogger are annoyed by all of the comment spammers out there, leave your rants, stories, and suggestions for a solution as legitimate comments to this post.