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Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Just to start, when I went to start writing this article, I found my spell check didn't have signage down as a legitimate word, and, frustrated by this, I went and looked it up.  Signage apparently isn't recognized as a word in anything but American English.  Isn't that weird?

But that is not the topic of discussion for this post.  The post today is about how the world is starting to have problems separating things from the virtual world we have on line, and the physical world our bodies reside in.  Case in point, this picture I took at the Puyallup fair yesterday:
Come on, push my button
What I would really like to see in this situation is not a giant plastic sign, but a giant plastic Facebook like button with a wireless transmitter and a fingerprint identification system tied into a database on Facebook, because then there would at least be a reason to attach giant like buttons to fences.  As it is, this is just lame.