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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Our Vision for the Personal Cloud

I've been hearing for a couple of years now all about cloud technology, and how great its going to be for the consumer.  Yes, its great to get at all of your data anywhere you want, but other than that, I don't really find the appeal of a corporate cloud system.  Personal clouds, though, I see some real potential for.

Imagine this for a second;  you are sitting in your living room, reading something on you tablet, a comic perhaps, and you laugh out loud.  Everyone else wants to see what was so funny, so the come to crowd around you and your tiny little tablet.  At this point, you realize you have two options, you can either bump it to each persons tablet, or slide it to your television.  You go for the second, and slide the comic towards you much larger flat screen and magically it appears, without having to be turned on, and without you having to press anything special.

These kinds of things will be possible with a combination of personal cloud technologies, home server systems, and location aware home devices with wireless and gps capabilities.  The ground work is already laid down with several other technologies already on the market, and soon you could play a video game on one screen, need to move to another room, and just flick your game onto another screen, be it a portable or a console or PC.

And one of the best parts is, running the home server to operate these functions could be something the size of the Mac Mini, and with improvements with things like the Atom and ARM processors, they could get even smaller.

So, as the post is titled, the cloud has potential, yes, but I'm not that interested personally.  I think what will be more revolutionary is the way devices inside our own homes will interact.  A personal cloud seems to be something more natural and powerful.