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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Short Term Power Production Goals

     After doing some personal research on the subject, I've come to find out that higher yield solar panels have become much more affordable than they once were.  With all total combined equipment, it will be much more reasonably within Digital Fruit's price range to start taking us off the non-renewable power grid, and start building a renewable power grid of our own.  We're shooting for the range of about five hundred dollars to take our first computer off-grid, and we will start from there.  So, know that our hard earned tech dollars aren't just going into fancier hardware, but into making sure that we will always be around to run that hardware, and that plan to make a impact on how technology is used.
     On that note, Digital Fruit just participated in the third annual Power IT Down day.  On August 27, Digital Fruit shut down all computers, and in fact went so far to ensure that all computers could not be drawing power by shutting down the power strips and surge suppressors.  This effort has been made to help cut down on power consumption, but also to help out others who may be suffering.  Though Digital Fruit's electronic footprint was not large enough to track for donations yet, all the extra savings from the project were donated to the Wounded Warrior Project, an organization trying to help severely wounded service men and women.
     Overall the greening efforts put on by Digital Fruit will not only benefit our customers in terms of environmental friendliness, but because it will help Digital Fruit become a self sufficient company, something that has been forgotten as of late.