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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Another Voice

    So, this is just a quick input, but I've found another voice out on the internet that has some positive things to say about Ubuntu 10.4.  Its Zdnet blogger Zack Whittaker
     In the article linked to with his name, he discusses what reasons he has for liking Ubuntu, and I actually have a few more for my own personal list.  I've been building a new rig for a couple of months now, and I finally have it operational.  Not finished, but operational.  And I've been stuck with a conundrum.  I haven't shelled out the cash to pick up a copy of Windows 7.  (I'm tempted not to, but I need to put it on this system for game demos.  it will definitely be a dual-boot system though.).  So, because I can't stand having a brand new system sitting around without be operational, I put Ubuntu 10.4 on it, and once again, wow.  The speed, even on a system with 2gb of ram, its amazing.  I'm shocked with how fast the computer actually loads, and I'm hard pressed to find anything it can't handle quickly.  And for the skeptics, it isn't just because I put a blazing fast new processor in it.  This is a budget build, and only has a 2.6ghz dual-core in it.  Nothing an inexpensive show floor computer can't compete with.
     All-in-all, the more I work with this operating system the more I'm sold on it.  But there is a dark side to this tale.  The original PC that I installed with Ubuntu has been having hardware issues, and has corrupted its installation.  Now I get to find out just how easy it is to fix a computer running a rogue operating system.  More next time.