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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Um, Wow, Its Been a While

     If the title of this post is not enough explanation, I don't know what is.  The progress of Digital Fruit as a company is coming along great, which is why I haven't been able to get online and type up new blog posts.  It is kind of nice to get back on and just address the people that are reading the blog, instead of trying to recommend something or write a tutorial.  I'm just here today to give a quick update.
     Well, on the power production front, we've successfully generated enough power to start charging batteries, and we are still working on building a proper controller circuit.  We are also working on building a three phase alternating current windmill that will produce a much larger amount of power.
     On the software front, I've regressed back to study after a run in with some design problems with the Epic video game.  I've no idea why my current running model is failing, (and causing my computer to crash), so its back to study for a little while, then probably back to the drawing board.  Humbling experiences like this are always good for building skill as a programmer.  If you learn how to fix it now, you'll know how to fix it later.
     And on the tech support front, things are going swimmingly.  This has been our busiest month to-date, and it seems the tech support idea will be the driving financial part of Digital Fruit until the software section can really take off.
     Digital Fruit is also jumping on-board as a participant in the Ubuntu development community.  I personally am not a capable enough programmer yet to really contribute code, but we are helping with documentation and artwork until there is enough coding skill in the company to provide code.  And with my personal experiences with Ubuntu 10.4, as owner of Digital Fruit, I've decided we will make all of our software cross compatible between Windows, Mac, and Linux as far as that is possible. (Games written for Windows in DirectX will pose problems until I have a better development team behind me, then we can work on multiple versions at the same time.)
    And so, that is the state of Digital Fruit for the month of May, 2010.  Until I get more news, talk to you later!  ~ Andrew Petersen