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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Smart Phone Wars

     The world seems to be in the midst of a war of the smart phones.  It goes without saying that the start of the conflict came when the iPhone stepped in and knocked the blackberry from its amazingly high perch.  But now it seems that the tech world is riddled with smart phones, with new ones coming out every day.  And it isn't just a competition between Blackberry and iPhone, plenty of faces are showing up on the scene, both old and new.  Motorola, Google, HTC, Palm, and others are all making headway into the smart phone market(or at least trying to).  But is it really so important to have a phone that can do everything else as well?  Are these devices becoming an integral part of our modern society? 
     I'm posing that question to you, Digital Fruit's customers, on the eve of our annual cellphone exposure poll, to find out if you feel that smart phones are really where its at.