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Monday, February 16, 2015

New Galaxy Alpha

So just picked up a new phone the other day after my temporary disposable smart phone crapped out on me.  And, as you see from the title, it's a Galaxy Alpha.  It was a toss up originally between the Alpha and the S4 Mini, but after a debate over cost, size, and computing power, the costlier, slightly larger Alpha won out.  And I'm glad it did.

Usually, size is my first issue with a phone.  Bucking current trends, I don't like a massive smart phone, preferring something that can easily hide within a shirt pocket and not be noticed.  The Alpha really pushes this envelope for me, being closer to a standard smart phone in size.  But only five days later, I'm hooked.

The features that did win out kind of surprised me, too.  The screen is amazingly crisp and vibrant, the best I've ever seen on a phone.  The sound quality is awesome, too, making entertainment features fantastic.  And at 32gb of storage space, there is 0lenty of room for games, video and music.

Needless to say, I'm sold on the Alpha, and may just be a devoted fan of Samsung in general.