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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Your Favorite Industry Day

So, I felt compelled today to drop a quick note and let people know a little bit about ads running on small sites for there favorite companies.  Most people just see internet ads as an annoyance, something some terrible porn company or hacker has cleverly laid to trap you.  But the majority of ads, especially on small sites, are legitimate ads, and they serve a purpose.

Most small business sites host ads because it creates a new revenue stream, an extra source of money that can help to lower costs and keep them in business so you can enjoy their products and services.  They are picked by the company that puts them there because they feel that it is something their customers are interested in.  Or in the case of Google's ad network, with a little tweaking, the ads are custom tailored according to where and what you, the viewer, actually visit on the internet, in an attempt to get you to the very site you need to see.

But there is a problem in the modern world of advertising.  More and more people are falling prey to the stigma that all online ads are bad, and so they shouldn't click on them.  So as a tech guru and a small business owner myself, I would ask you to please, please support small business, and if you see an ad on their site about something you are genuinely interested, click on it and maybe earn them a couple of bucks.  I mean, pennies add up, ya know.  So that's my plea for today, so until next time, catch you on the flip side.