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Friday, October 21, 2011

Why Does Time Escape?

I've been musing for the last fifteen minutes over where time flies.  It always seems like I start off strong on the new year with this blog writing thing, and then it takes several serious dips over the course of the year.

Though after several minutes of deliberation, I've come to the clear conclusion that it is because of summer, fall and holiday events, it is nice to note that I do get some time to myself in the winter, one of my favorite seasons.  Work has been good here at Digital Fruit lately, though our 2011 cellphone numbers still haven't gotten compiled, and for no other reason then I've been letting other things be more important.  Like earning money.

And with all of the work I have been doing, I've gotten a couple of new ideas for things to develop for Digital Fruit's website.  We now have plans to set up a streaming radio system, something like Pandora or  and we hope to have the first working version up soon.  unlike Pandora or, though, Digital Fruit will be working towards dishing out local content in a geographic recognition system.  Depending on where your computer pings in the server from, the system will try and stream music from your genre of choice done by local bands that submit the work to us for approval.  Once we get the details hammered out, we hope that this will be an awesome addition to our web offerings.