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Monday, May 2, 2011

C++ IDEs for Linux

     So, today's post is covers something that shouldn't be so lacking in Linux, a good C++ IDE.  I have no idea why there aren't hundreds of decent-to-good IDEs for Linux, but in my search to learn Ubuntu, I've had troubles finding IDEs that are even usable.  So, to help other budding C++ Programmers, I've decided to list and review the best options I've found thus far.
     As odd as it may seem, there are only two environments that make the cut in this review, and one that I think has promise if it gets a little more TLC.  And the two that top this short list aren't even C++ development environments, they are Java environments that have C++ extensions.  The first, and my personal pick for number one, is NetBeans 6.9.  This one is ironic, because for many years I have been a detractor of NetBeans as an IDE, because it had a terrible interface, and left you in the dark as to the process you were going through.
     But this latest version is astounding simple.  In Ubuntu 10.10, all I had to do was was look through the repositories, and click install.  After that, it was a simple matter of going to the NetBeans site,