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Friday, November 19, 2010

Moblin Mobile OS

Well, its not that often anymore that something genuinely surprises me in the technology world.  Tablet PC…eh, seen that.  Windows alternatives…eh, played with those.  Fancy new game console…yawn.  They all seem to run in the same direction, and they just force me to get newer and newer hardware just to keep up.

     Today, though, I got one of those genuine surprises, with Moblin OS.  Not necessarily because of its innovative design, or the way things just flow, but because I actually had to down-grade my computer to get the OS to work.  When was the last time you had to dumb down a computer to get it to run something cool and new?  I can’t even think of a time.  And usually it isn’t a good indicator either.  But after a few hours using Moblin, I found I was really impressed with its performance.  It really just seemed to work well, even with limited graphics capabilities.  Which is what really surprised me.  Here I was, using a computer that didn’t really have a lot of power behind it, and it was out performing more powerhouse systems.

     But this OS isn’t without its limits.  There’s one major draw back.  Its proprietary.  It only works on Intel Atom based processors, or processors compatible with that architecture.  I’m working on setting up a retail line of these PC’s, making inexpensive computing available to everyone, but these really aren’t for everyone.  They are meant for people really into the social scene, people who are media centered, and people who are on the go.  And I mean really on the go.

     Here is the intro video of Moblin v2.0, and anyone who is interested in learning more about Moblin, or installing it on their netbook or net-top device, visit, call us at (360) 593-6082, or visit

Moblin v2.0 intro video